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Publicat în 6 martie 2019, 17:27 / 49 elite & idei

Antonia Colibasanu: Geopolitics for Business

Antonia Colibasanu: Geopolitics for Business

Saturdays are made for fun. Serious fun. Useful fun. So… join us for an exclusive, promotional workshop on geopolitics and competitive intelligence – for those professionals willing to learn something new about making themselves better while growing their business.


Geopolitics shapes your business environment. The geography of politics and socio-economics affects your development. Learning about geopolitics (while talking about competitiveness and business risks) means improving your awareness of what is happening around you.

This is about learning to identify, in a timely manner, those forces that are changing your business environment, which allows you to build appropriate strategies for resilient growth. Without the proper analytical toolkit, you will miss opportunities. Worse still, you won’t recognize the early signs of a recession or a crisis. This is why you need to nurture your analytical abilities – to invest in their constant development.

Our agenda:

1) Discussion on methodology and theoretical frameworks employed for geopolitical risk assessment
2) Developing a basic analysis model for your business sector

Why should you sign up?

1) You’ll learn how to identify the features that define the contemporary strategic environment
2) You’ll get to know the specific analytical competitive intelligence frameworks and thinking models used to evaluate geopolitical risk for businesses
3) You’ll draw a template for analyzing and assessing geopolitical challenges for your own business sector

All while networking with your peers in a relaxed weekend atmosphere – of course, coffee is on us!

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