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Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum 2018, 3rd edition

Critical Infrastructure Protection Forum 2018, 3rd edition
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Starting January 1st 2019, Romania will take over, for a period of six months, the responsibility of the Presidency of the European Council. The preparation and implementation of this mandate represents a national priority. During the exercise of its mandate, Romania will be responsible for advancing the Council’s negotiations on EU legislation, ensuring the continuity of the EU agenda and the good cooperation between the Member States and the European Institutions. Romania will have the opportunity to imprint its national vision on strategic debates on the future of the European project, to contribute directly to the process of consolidating it and to promote on the European agenda files that our country considers important.

The third edition of the conference aims to document this proposal, notably by presenting the expertise of non-EU strategic partners, namely the United States of America, Israel, Japan and South Korea, to shape this European approach into a comprehensive global security framework.

European Directive 114/2008 was the result of the awareness to provide a legal framework to ensure the protection of infrastructures that support vital services for the population. This has occurred in the context of the terrorist acts of the 2000s and the recrudescence of asymmetric threats in the lives of democracies. Considering the European construction and the commitment expressed by Romania to be an integral part of this project and the consolidation of the EU, Romania proposes the establishment of a European Agency with responsibilities in the field of Critical Infrastructure Protection.


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