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George Friedman: Why I Founded Geopolitical Futures

George Friedman: Why I Founded Geopolitical Futures

By George Friedman

Its origin was simple. I was convinced that intelligence and geopolitics in the hands of the public was essential for a democratic society. It was too important to be left to the experts.

I could have founded a think tank (in fact I did) but the pressure of begging for money and pleasing donors twisted my work. I could have done a column for a newspaper (indeed I did) but 600 words couldn’t explain anything. I could have been an academic (yeah, I was) but the political pressures on campuses to conform were incredibly powerful. As for the government, don’t get me started.

What I found was that the path to freedom and honesty lies in an unexpected direction: business. I had something to sell, and there were people who would buy it. And in buying it, all they wanted from me was what was true and important in the eyes of me and my team. Plus, $99 from someone for the first year couldn’t buy my soul. And the customer didn’t want my soul. All they wanted was the best that my staff and I could give them. And all I wanted was to give them our best. Business liberated me. I first started Stratfor, and when I found I could no longer do my best there, I started Geopolitical Futures.

The last thing I ever expected to be was a businessman. But to my genuine surprise, it allowed me to do my best thinking and writing in ways that universities, think tanks, newspapers and governments didn’t. I was home.

It had a catch of course. A business has to pay its staff and all sorts of things. For that it has to make money. To make money it has to sell its product. So I am asking you now to consider purchasing a subscription to Geopolitical Futures, not because I’m asking, but because I am extremely proud of what we produce and think you will find it of great value. You have seen some of what we produce. I think you will like the rest. To become a member of Geopolitical Futures, click the button below.

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To get back to my goal, it is to play a small role in our Republic by making sure that those who are responsible for the country, the citizens, might know enough to understand the world. That, to me, is incredibly important.



George Friedman
Chairman, Geopolitical Futures

P.S. Active paid subscribers will receive my new book – The American Era – when it is released early next year as part of their subscription. Subscribe now for $99 for your first year to claim your copy.

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