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Laurențiu Ștefan: No winners in the European elections – ready for a reset?

Laurențiu Ștefan: No winners in the European elections – ready for a reset?

by Laurențiu Ștefan

I am only referring to Romania and focus on mainstream political parties based on the partial results released this morning by the Central Electoral Bureau:


PSD euphoria must be over by now. With 37 percent, the future does not look good. PM Ponta  will think twice before accepting to be presidential candidate. There were no big hopes in PNL and PDL that targets would be met. There is a “2003-2004″ mood which may bring the two parties together again, regardless of who is in charge in PNL. Look at the electoral results of the 2004 local elections and note how similar they are. So, we are back in time ten years ago. Defeat for President Basescu, whose darling (the PMP) barely crossed the threshold despite pictures in the sand etc. President Basescu will have hard time to claim that he is / will be the leader of the opposition. It seems to me that there is time now for a new leader of the right: Klaus Iohannnis? Mihai Razvan Ungureanu? This one should be backed by PNL-PDL. The big question mark is Mircea Diaconu’s “party”. Who are its members?

Ready for the unavoidable reset?

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