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Marian Murguleț: „The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security” is the theme of the 9th annual International Conference (CERTCON9)

Marian Murguleț: „The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security” is the theme of the 9th annual International Conference (CERTCON9)

This year’s event taking place7th-8th of October at the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest Romania, is organized by the Romanian Computer Incident Response Team (CERT-RO).

During his opening speech, Marian Murguleț, Secretary of State / Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the Government of Romania stated: “Unity through partnership and expertise through education are the key strategies that will help us defend ourselves against the vulnerability of public and private critical infrastructures. At Government level, we have the tools to shape, focus and implement cyber policies and digital transformation strategies. We must acknowledge however, that experienced cyber tech resources are scarce and should not be taken for granted. Therefore, a partnership between Government-industry is of key essence, with mutual benefits for a wider, final goal: protecting the citizens and the businesses”.

Each year, CERTCON brings together over 300 cybersecurity experts, government officials and policy makers. Joined by private sector representatives from different fields and industries, NGOs and members of the academia they actively engage in a programme that promotes debate, discussion and the presentation of topics addressing technical and legislative issues in the field of cyber security at national and international levels.

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