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Radu Deac, Radu Puchiu, Mircea Geoana, Gabriel Biris, Sergiu Oprescu at „Romania and OECD, present and perspectives”

Radu Deac, Radu Puchiu, Mircea Geoana, Gabriel Biris, Sergiu Oprescu at „Romania and OECD, present and perspectives”


Dear Sir / Madame,


You are kindly invited to attend a conference organized by

ELEC ROMANIA and FINMEDIA with the support of the National Bank of Romania and the General Secretariat of the Romanian Government


„Romania and OECD, present and perspectives”

which will take place on May 18, 2017, at 9.00 hrs,
at the National Bank of Romania,
Mitita Constantinescu Hall


The event will bring together representatives of the OECD, the central government, the business law, the financial and banking community and the business community.

Sincerely yours,


On behalf of the organizers :


Radu Deac,

President – ELEC România


Mihai Săndoiu,

General Manager – Finmedia


Access via 8, Doamnei Street, starting at 8.30 on confirmation basis only.

RSVP tel. 0213167431/0745060160




For more than two decades Romania maintained a genuine and palpable interest to accede to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) working structures, deepened the sectoral cooperation with the organization and ensured a long and extended participation in the OECD activity. It became permanent or associate member in 15 working level structures, acted as ad-hoc invitee in another 28 structures and already adopted 21 OECD legal instruments.


More recently, Romania has stepped up its efforts to draw closer to the OECD. The benefits are tremendous, an obvious one – Romanian experts and high-ranking officials have the opportunity to meet partners from around the world and exchange ideas and good practices on current affairs and trending topics of the global agenda. Working close together with the OECD is a real opportunity to create additional incentives for continuing the reforms and streamline national legislation and standards with those promoted by the organization.


On the considerations above, Romania reiterated in 2017 its intention to join the organization, with the Romanian Prime Minister, Mr. Sorin Mihai Grindeanu, formally addressing a letter to Angel Gurria – General Secretary of OECD. An inter-ministerial Committee for Romania’s relation with OECD, coordinated by the General Secretariat of the Government is already functional since September 2016. Around 30 ministries and agencies participate in the Committee, chaired by a State Secretary from the General Secretariat of the Government.

Romania also displays distinct characteristics which render it a dependable partner for the OECD. The following are just a few of them, worth considering:

  • the EU membership provides solid grounds for a swift and smooth alignment to the OECD standards;
  • the size of its economy, the potential of economic growth and its macroeconomic stability are considerable;
  • it is a member in all relevant global and international organizations (even a founding member for some of them): UN system, EU (RO will have the Presidency of the EU Council in 2019), NATO, WTO, World Bank, IMF, EBRD, Council of Europe, OSCE, ASEM etc.;
  • it is actively engaged in initiatives, processes and structures of regional cooperation, with a diverse and complex profile and horizon, from Southeast and Eastern Europe to Caucasus and Central Asia. It is a (founding) member in all regional organizations (BSEC, CEI, RCC, SEEIC, TRACECA, RACVIAC etc.)


It is, thus, expected that the benefits of the accession to the OECD surpass by far the costs incurred by the accession process. Moreover, it is expected that the OECD will equally benefit from Romania’s potential accession.


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