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Radu Balanescu: We have proved both to the Universal Masonic Chain and to the Civil Society that the National Grand Lodge of Romania occupies a solid position at this moment

Radu Balanescu: We have proved both to the Universal Masonic Chain and to the Civil Society that the National Grand Lodge of Romania occupies a solid position at this moment

We find ourselves in a period in which the cohesion existing at the level of the NGLR convinces usthat our only direction is that of building our future with confidence,that the openness of each Mason to his Brethren and of the Brethren to the Civil Society is a purpose which will ake us be, as I have promised to all of you, proud that we are Masons.

The assiduous work and the participation of each member of the Obedience to the implementation of he governing program of the Grand Lodge – „Romanian Masonry for Romania” in the Masonic Year 6011-6012 Y.L. generated the fulfillment of all the projects which the Grand Lodge proposed to accomplish during this period and we have proved both to the Universal Masonic Chain and to the Civil Society that the National Grand Lodge of Romania occupies a solid position at this moment.

The success of the Awards Gala of the NGLR of June 21, the spear-point of the interaction of the NGLR with the Civil Society, makes me feel confident that by working with the same maturity in the future as well, both in the distant future and in the near future, the entire Obedience and each Brother individually will be able to reap the fruit of this common Work in our Obedience.

Only in this way can we mark the beginning of a tradition which has for a cornerstone the Brethren who have understood at a certain moment that the assumption of a responsibility with regard to any Masonic Work is a gesture that calls forth honor, but which also generates an obligation which must be honorably and responsibly carried on further in order for the beneficent effects of these actions to shed Light on the work of the Brethren.

Beloved Brethren, the Sun, the Universal Light has no friends or enemies. The sun sheds light on us, with balance and wisdom, on all equally. It depends on each one of us, how much we are willing to accept the Light and the Purification through the Sacred Fire.

The common desire of Brethren in the Obedience of the NGLR in implementing the Government Program of the Grand Lodge – «Romanian Masonry for Romania» has at its basis also an increase in the quality – to the detriment of the quantity – as well as the installation of a state of the Peace and Harmony at the level of the entire Obedience and this type of construction. I may say, characterized the Masonic Year 6011-6012 YL.

All the positive results of the Grand Lodge, obtained at the international level, are based first on the work carried on in each Lodge and it is precisely for that reason that I can affirm that the proof of the recognition of the value of Romanian Masonry is continuously increasing.

We must be aware that what we are living nowadays and that what we are building in this period – that is something unique and has no correspondent in the modern history of the NGLR.

If each day we will proceed in our works with determination, with wisdom and with conscience, each of the bricks placed with responsibility at the foundation of the masonic work can lead us, twenty or thirty years hence, to be present in the Finished Temple in which the name of each and everyone and his verticality will be an example to be followed for those who are coming after us and who will be able to sip from the wisdom gathered by us throughout our lives… or they will refuse to listen to us and to accept our advice, if their trust was betrayed by our deeds.

Let us never forget that all our Brethren must practice outside of the lodge those responsibilities and those virtues they have been taught inside the lodge; and by their patience, their tolerance, their honesty, their sincerity, their discretion, their equity and their profound consideration for the truth and for honor, they must convince those who have come to know them of the excellence of our institution, with good and dignified men, no unlike themselves.

May the Great Architect show us the right path, give us the power to keep to it and the faith to follow it and bless us all, our Grand Lodge, the Romanian people and our fatherland ROMANIA.

I have spoken!

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