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Radu Ragea si Clara Volintiru printre fondatorii Center for Indochina Studies

Radu Ragea si Clara Volintiru printre fondatorii Center for Indochina Studies

The Center for Indochina Studies

Center4IS is a self-funded, legal entity of the Faculty of International Business and Economics (REI), within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE). Clara Volintiru and Radu Rage are among the founders.

Historical Context

Romania has had a reputable tradition of promoting international relations based on mutual understanding, respect and the ability of any country to pursue its own path to development. Future relations that will and must be developed between Vietnam and the United States –on one hand– and the European Union –on the other– will benefit from Romania’s experience in trilateral dialogue and it’s historical role as a clearing house in relations between different actors on the world stage.

The Faculty of International Business and Economics has a significant history in the education of Romanians –and many foreigners– in the fields of international business and international economics. Originally known as the Faculty of Foreign Trade, it traces its origins to the Academy of Industrial and Commercial Higher Studies, established in 1913. Starting in 1990, the Faculty positioned itself as the preeminent Romanian educational institution in the field of Economic International Relations, well prepared to train new generations of students for the rigors of the global business environment, transnational corporations and inter-cultural management and communication.

Current Context

Strong geographical focus on the great political and economic culture and civilization of South East Asia would highly enrich our school’s research and education experience and will support our students in their personal competitiveness and our region’s role in reducing the information gap between the Romanian and various Asian societies.

Not only Romania, but also Eastern Europe –including the Balkans– have developed large gaps in understanding this region of the World in the last decade, creating stereotypes and placing barriers to mutual understanding. Consequently, political and economic relations, both at the level of government and between private entities have had to suffer.


As an academic institution and political goodwill promoter between the West –the European Union & the United States– and Indochina,Center4IS will focus on the relationship between Romania and Vietnam. The two countries have the potential of becoming the gateway to the wider region by building on the historical international and business relations they have shared and continue to share.

Center4IS will concentrate and develop it’s activities along three core dimensions: Academic Affairs, Business Relations andPolitics/Diplomacy.

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